Mx. Retailer!

Set up your own pick-up point next to your shop.

Serve better customers picking up their purchases from the store, or place an eye-catching outdoor advertisement in a location where there may not be enough potential to set up your own store.

  • no-queue pick-ups 24/7
  • by car, right next to the automatic
  • tray sizes to suit exactly what you’re shipping

3 main reasons
set up your own network of LOCAL247 pick-up points

We tailor a solution to your needsCourier parcel machineLOCAL247
Small packages
Liquids, cosmetics, etc.
Large or long parcels
Heavy packages
B2B deliveries (pallets, rollers, etc.)

We enable new ways of workingCourier parcel machineLOCAL247
Operates as a self-service
Delivery timeMin. 1-2 daysEven less than 1h *

* Can be filled in directly from the shop
Note! also outside current opening hours

Open for your central warehouse deliveries 24/7

Open to suppliers 24/7
(e.g. Drop-Ship model)

We invest with you and facilitate cooperationCourier parcel machineLOCAL247
Take advantage of the store's good location and transport links

Create accessibility also in those small places,
where it is not worth building a store

Keep the customer experience in your own hands
Maximise brand visibility at no extra cost

Grow your network without major investment and
carbon emissions

Get in touch and let us know what is most important to you in terms of growth.

Local247 service in a nutshell

The complete solution includes:

  1. a collection point tailored to the customer’s brand,
  2. the tray capacity needed for click-and-collect e-commerce deliveries,
  3. a software solution with boundary conditions and
  4. the maintenance and operational support of the service to the desired extent
  • Delivered as a monthly-priced service
  • Easy to pilot and later expand
  • Generate valuable data to improve the customer experience

Contact us to find out more about how you can change the rules of the game for your logistics.

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